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San Diego Newborn Photography.

Newborns present a special opportunity and challenge for photographers. Under the right circumstances, newborn photography can be not just a beautiful memory for a new mother or father, but one of the most beautiful forms of photography, period. Holly at Higher Ground Photo Studio is an experienced newborn photographer, and knows how to catch your little one in not only the right light, but the right circumstances. A great newborn photographer will keep in mind details like temperature, sound, location, and other little things that can make the difference between a beautiful, content newborn, and an uncomfortable, unhappy camper.

San Diego Maternity Photography.

Maternity photography is an opportunity for a mother to remember forever the beautiful time before their little one came into the world. Holly will catch you with in that special glow that only a mother to be can have. Remember the best parts of your pregnancy with great maternity photography.

San Diego Birthing Stories.

Don't forget to ask us about our before and after packages! Bundle your newborn and maternity shoots together, or shoot early maternity and late maternity. We can even create custom birthing story packages, including gorgeous high definition video. Give us a call to get a quote on your birthing story today!

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