San Diego Actor Headshots.

We here at Higher Ground Photography know a lot about headshot photography. Having a combined 20 years in the entertainment industry as actors and entertainers ourselves, we've spent plenty of time in front of the camera, and plenty of money on headshots!

We love shooting Actor Headshots, and we hope that you leave your session with a whole new outlook on what it means to get new headshots. We know the importance of having a good headshot and realize the stakes involved. We'll make it fun and interesting, and better yet, we'll help you get that job!

San Diego Corporate Headshots.

Performers aren't the only ones who need headshots. Especially in the digital age, business men and women need to present themselves in a professional and inviting way. Whether it be online or on the quarterly report, your professional image depends on having great photos. Let us help you put your best foot forward.

San Diego Real Estate Headshots.

Real Estate Agents need look professional, friendly, and trustworthy. If your photo speaks a thousand words, what are you saying to potential home buyers and sellers? Does your image invite people to put their trust in you? San Diego has a lot of real estate to sell, and a lot of agents competing for business. Make sure you are doing what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

Online Profile Photos.

Higher Ground also offers special online profile photo packages for LinkedIn, Facebook, online dating, and whatever else you need to look your best for. click here for more info.

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Holly on Headshots.

Headshot Tips.

1. For the best picture of you, wear colors that look good on you (guys, if you're not sure, ask your lady. If you don't have a lady, ask me... I'll tell you!). The neckline of your shirt should frame your face nicely. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel great! It will show all over your face. Bright saturated colors are the best to wear for eye-catching shots, and help attract casting directors to your thumbnail image on various casting sites (actorsaccess, lacasting, nowcasting, castingfrontier, etc.)

2. Think about the kinds of characters you envision yourself playing. Try to consider these characters when choosing your wardrobe. Let us know what those characters are and we'll help you by scouting locations that support your choices. Don't be too literal but have fun. This is part of why you decided to become an actor. Enjoy it!

3. Think about something! I even like to name my characters and give them a story, and then think about their story during the shoot. This way casting directors aren't just looking at a picture of a pretty person, they're seeing you in action! They'll see the life in your eyes and want to know you more!

4. This one's for the ladies. If you want to look like yourself, do your own make-up! If you're not confident in your abilities, go to someone you trust. Do not pull up to the nearest make-up counter and merely hope for the best. If you're paying good money for the portrait shoot, make sure you're gonna look like the best version of you!

5. Relax! Ha, easier said than done right? We here at HGMM Photography have all spent plenty of time in front of the camera, and we know how uncomfortable it can be. Your photographer will guide you through the shoot and help you to feel comfortable along the way. There is no wrong or right in photography so just relax and have fun. You be you and we'll take care of the rest!

6. Another great tip is to bring your favorite music. Music is inspirational and listening to your favorite music can really help liven things up and make you feel at home in front of the camera.

Headshot Testimonials.

“Holly is a fantastic headshot photographer and I only wish I’d found her before I spent $600 on an L.A. photographer. While the L.A. shots were slick, they were also soulless. Holly managed to capture my innards, which required putting me at ease. And she managed to do that within minutes of meeting me. By asking me questions and engaging me in improv scenarios, she captured several different facets of me. Next time I need headshots, I will definitely have another laughfest with Holly.”

- Sue N. (La Mesa, CA)

“It’s difficult beating my experience shooting with Holly at Higher Ground Photo Studio. She took the time to listen to my vision regarding the kind of looks I wanted. She even brought up several important aspects I hadn’t considered. By the time we were set to shoot, I felt confident we both knew what shots I wanted to get out of the session. With a clear plan, the session went off like clockwork and we even had several moments of spontaneity that made for some of my best shots in the portfolio. Can’t go wrong with Higher Ground and I definitely recommend this studio.”

- Willis W. (Los Angeles, CA)